Worth the wait

The date was set and Alan and I were ready! After passing my due date, the doctor set an induction for last Wednesday. However, this sweet little girl had a mind of her own. Monday afternoon, while teaching a classroom full of first graders, my water broke! Twenty-one hours later, September 20th, Lola Marie Lindsey was born! She is 7 lbs and 13 ounces of absolute preciousness. It took all of one second for her to steal our hearts. We are so blessed that God chose this perfect little lady to be a part of our family. Take a peak at some of our first moments together.


4 thoughts on “Worth the wait

  1. So glad that you added pictures of that precious baby. Love the black and white photo of Alan and his sweet daughter. Miss you at Ridge. Love, Mary

  2. Thanks for sharing these pictures! She is absolutely beautiful and certainly a feminine little girl!!! Isn’t it amazing how much you can love something so little!! So happy for your little family! I can’t believe you were at school when this whole process started!!!!!!!


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