Sleeping beauty

Doctors say a newborn sleeps approximately 16 hours a day. While I hope Lola takes after Alan’s sleeping habits, and learns to sleep wonderfully; at the moment she is enjoying sleeping during the day and observing things at night. When I was pregnant Lola had parties in my belly at night so I should of expected this! Either way she looks so cute and sweet with everything she does. I can’t help but take a thousand pictures of her…even if all she is doing is sleeping.


3 thoughts on “Sleeping beauty

  1. She is prettier every day! I love how you said “observing things” at night…is that a very nice way of saying “keeping all of us awake” at night? Love to all three of you!

  2. Andrea, those pictures put a smile on my face. I want to come visit soon. Lola is precious. Hope you are getting some rest. We really miss your smiling face at Ridge.

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