Already 4 months old!

We cannot believe our little Lola bug is four months old! She is the sweetest little baby in the world. Lola loves to talk and coo at us and has made many new sounds too- such as this crazy grunting noise to get our attention! She is now holding up her head wonderfully and loves to sit up and look around. She finally made it into the exersaucer this past week with the help of some towels around her little body to hold her in. As I went back to work a couple weeks ago, Lola began going to her babysitter. While I was a crying mess, Lola has been amazing and loves going each day. She gets to play with Carter and Harper, two other sweet little girls. I love picking her up everyday and seeing that smile…and always look forward to Saturday and Sundays for some all day Lola time.


2 thoughts on “Already 4 months old!

  1. I am glad I am not the only one who has a baby with skinny legs! ha ha She does seem so much more grown up these past few weeks. Time goes by too fast but we can enjoy every second! :o)

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