Guilty pleasure

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things is getting the mail. It seems so simple, but I love seeing what the mailbox has in store for me each afternoon. I probably shouldn’t admit it but Alan and I both get quite excited over the arrival of our favorite magazines! Last week my Martha Stewart and Country Living arrived on the same day. And if that wasn’t enough…my Better Homes and Gardens arrived days later. Oh my goodness- I could not wait until I had a free moment to look through them! In the meantime they help decorate my coffee table.

*P.S. –  Alan’s heart skips a beat for his Golf Digest.

What magazines dress your table? Any suggestions for other great reads?


One thought on “Guilty pleasure

  1. My new guilty pleasure is blogging! I am more likely to jump on the computer and read someone’s blog rather than a magazine. I used to get a couple and found I never read them so now I don’t really get any. Except Parenting and that comes for free!

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