Handmade flower

With Mothers Day right around the corner (and this week being Teacher Appreciation Week) I have been working with my students on handmade gifts. One of my absolute favorites are paper flowers. They are simple, beautiful, and easy to make. If I can manage getting a classroom of 27 eight year old’s to create these, you can too!

You will need approximately 5-8 pieces of tissue paper. You can choose your own size depending upon how big you want your flower. Mine were about 3″ x6″



Stack tissue paper and fold like a fan on the long side. Wrap pipe cleaner around the tissue paper and twist to secure.

Cut the ends to a point, curved, or frayed to add detail.

Begin to peel each layer up towards the center. Be gentle!

My students love to make them with bright colors!

I love to make them with soft colors and display them in old bottles. Best part….you don’t have to water them and they will live forever!

Take these a step further by using patterned paper, fabric, etc. Fabric flowers also make great hair clips and broaches for your clothes! I have made several variations but these seem to be the most successful with kids. Check out www.marthastewart.com for more ideas on handmade flowers.




One thought on “Handmade flower

  1. omg, so funny that you like these! We are having them in brown and ecru at the wedding in various sizes! I love them, too!!

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