Project coat rack

I have been on the search for a simple coat rack to hang in our utility room. My kitchen chairs became a catch all for things like clothes, bags, purses, etc. and it was driving me crazy. After finding some beautiful options at Pottery Barn, I decided I was not paying $100….enter project coat rack!

Cast Iron Row of Hooks
Pottery Barn $99

Overscaled Row of Hooks
Pottery Barn $199

First, I wanted to find an old, rustic board. So of course the best place for that is my Grandpa’s garage. Perfect, step one was easy and free. Next, I visited Lowe’s and found some inexpensive oil rubbed bronze hooks. I chose something sturdy that will hold heavy book bags and coats. Last step was to recruit my husband and father to do the drilling. I am so pleased with the outcome and even better…it cost under $25 to make.

Drill holes where you will mount wood on the wall.

We placed the hardware over the screws used for mounting the board to the wall to disguise them.

Love it!


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