And she’s off!

For a while we thought Lola was going to skip crawling all together. She has been holding our fingers, tables, chairs and anything else she can to help her stand and walk…seeming so uninterested in crawling. However,  this week she began to crawl little bits at a time. Saturday it was like a light bulb came on and she took off. Of course we cheered and clapped and she was ecstatic and giggly! It’s so cute to watch such a little body move all around so quickly. I immediately went into my anal cleaning mode and found myself crawling around also scrubbing anything Lola could touch. Maybe I can train her to crawl around with rags in her hands and clean the floor as she goes? Haha…don’t think that one will ever happen.


3 thoughts on “And she’s off!

  1. This is so incredibly exciting! I had no idea she had started to crawl! I will clean up the house and then you HAVE to bring her over to crawl around! 🙂 Awesome pictures! ❤ her

  2. Yay Lola!! Now she can hold her own against Carter when she tries to steal her toys!! Hope you are doing well and enjoying summer!

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