Three little numbers have never scared me so much. For some crazy reason I decided to sign up for the half marathon coming this November. So my training team started this morning with a 3 mile run. Three miles used to be a walk in the park for me but seeing as though I have not run in about 2 months it was a bit more challenging. It had to be one of the hottest runs I have been on and quite hilly. I ran up one hill thinking…”okay this is only 3 miles, soon I will have to pull 10 more out of somewhere!” What in the world was I thinking signing up for this! Well…I am someone who needs some serious motivation to workout. So a race always seems to do it for me. Not to mention, after having Lola, I am in need of getting back into shape.

So, what motivates you? I am seeking ideas for great motivating music to add to my iPod. The song that gave me a bit more strength right when I needed it today was Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars. Please let me know of any great things you do to get pumped up!

Im going to take this one week at a time. Which means, 4 miles is next. I think we’ve got that 🙂



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