Monday already…

We had a wonderful weekend and I’m sad to see it end already. I have to say one of the things that made it so nice for me was I didn’t have to cook dinner for 3 straight nights, WHAT! It might be a little sad that I get a thrill out of that, but ah well.

Saturday we had a great girls only lunch at Nanny’s. That night we went to The Rettig’s for some of Dan’s delicious Chicken Parmesan and watched the kids have a ball. They chased each other around the house and had a dance party! Sunday morning Lola woke up bright an early (even after staying up past her bedtime). But I was super happy when Alan rolled over, looked at me and said the sweetest words…”Want to go to Cracker Barrel?” Um, YES! So, we were just about the only people there at 7am which made for quick service and some fabulous pancakes. Sunday was rainy and cold, which led to lots of snuggling with Lola and relaxing around the house. We had dinner at Alan’s parents and got to see baby Porter, whom is a precious 2 weeks old! So sweet.

photo(2) photo(3)And now…back to the daily grind. Hope your weekend was great too!


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