“Someone’s in the kitchen with Momma…”

It’s finally done! Over the past several weeks we have been working on a play kitchen for Lola. This was originally going to be her 2nd birthday gift (which wouldn’t be until September), but it came together much sooner and I know she will love having it to play with all summer while home with me. Now that I have another little girl on the way, I can picture Lola and ________(still thinking of names!) baking and cooking Alan and I all sorts of play food, looking as precious as can be for years to come.

Here’s how everything came together. We first found an old kitchen cabinet from our local ReStore. Luckily there was an extra side cabinet that seemed perfect to become a refrigerator too.IMG_4810

We then needed to raise it to the correct height, add a counter top, change the hinges on the stove, create shelving, and cut the holes for the sink and oven (all possible because of my Dad!).IMG_4819

photo-54Next, it was time to prime and paint. We used a magnetic primer on the front of the refrigerator so Lola could play with her magnetic letters there. IMG_4831

During all of the construction and painting I was searching for the perfect little faucet, hardware, dishtowel/aprons, oven mitt (ended up sewing myself), food, pots and pans, dishes, etc. The wire baskets I found at an antique store and added chalkboard signs. For the stove top I bought wooden circles and dowels at Michael’s then got to work!photo-55 photo-56

We are in love with the outcome and Im pretty sure Lola loves it also!IMG_5029IMG_4975

Again, this would not have ever been possible without the help of my Dad! Thank you! It is because of him I have this- we can home make anything- attitude 🙂


2 thoughts on ““Someone’s in the kitchen with Momma…”

  1. This is absolutely adorable, but I wouldn’t expect anything less! You all are so very talented and most of all, truly wonderful parentsx2. I also love that Uncle Andy and Alan are in touch with their craftier side or in Macho term, wood working skills (not be confused) Just toooooo cute. Love you

  2. Thanks Lis! So glad you like it! Yes, Dad definitely got carried away with being crafty, haha. He was always calling with new ideas and thoughts. The men secretly loved working on it 🙂 Love you~

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