Baby Shower Luncheon

My sweet girlfriends threw me a quaint little baby shower last weekend. When asked what I wanted to do for a baby shower for my 2nd child I felt we didn’t need a big to do, but had something much smaller in mind. An afternoon catching up with my girls…talkin’ about babies, husbands, houses, decorating, gossip, etc…It could not have been more perfect.

Lauren thought of every detail from the invitations to the location, and the decorations. We went to Gather. Which if you live in the area you must visit, and bring your wallet. You will want to purchase just about everything in this wonderful little store. Lauren featured the store on her blog, you can see a little bit more here.

She decided on a book theme, which I love. I received some special books that we can share with our new little one when she arrives (Lola can spot a book from a mile away and already loves them too). Emily brought adorable (and delicious) cupcakes, made by a friend of ours, decorated in nursery rhymes. The food and drinks were amazing too! Again…all I can say is everything was perfect.

Love you girls. Thank you 🙂



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