Adventures in Potty Training

This past weekend we decided to potty train Lola. She has been interested in the potty for several months now and has been using it frequently. I kept thinking she was just so young, how could I actually potty train her then…but now I think she might be fully ready. For months she has told me when she had to go potty, but not necessarily everyone else all the time.

So we decided Saturday she would wear no diaper or underwear, just be a free bird. And it was completely successful, no accidents. Sunday we introduced big girl underwear, which I knew would make things more difficult because she would feel that she had protection and could just pee like in a diaper. So we had 2 accidents that day. Monday, day three, was another success, lots of potty going and no accidents! She is only wearing a diaper when sleeping, however at the end of day 4 she has had all dry nap-time diapers, so we are improving there also.

Now the challenge…going out of the house (day four). I had a doctor’s appointment today, at the worse possible time, lunch time, so we were going to be out of the house for a couple hours. I was nervous, and prayed she wouldn’t pee all over the waiting room or wherever we happened to be. She did wonderful! We used the potty about 15 minutes before we left the house and as soon as we got there (25 minute drive) we went straight to the bathroom and she went again. Perfect! We were gone for over 2 hours and she did great. We also went out for ice cream tonight and had another successful outing.

She has been putting stickers on papers for the past 4 days every time she went on the potty and is so proud! I can’t believe my little Lola is getting so big. Such a sweet thing. When she sits on the potty but can’t or dosent really have to go, she says, “Momma I try, I try.” Precious.

IMG_5301 IMG_5304 IMG_5331

Wish us luck on more successful days in potty training!


One thought on “Adventures in Potty Training

  1. Great job Lola! Now she is going to look even tinier without her diaper on! Impressive that she caught on so fast. Fingers crossed for us!! I am sooo ready to be done with diapers forever. You have a 1 month break, enjoy it!!

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