Stick a fork in me.

I am now about 2 days past my due date and READY for this little girl to come join our family. Lola and I have been keeping busy at the pool, running errands, and playing around the house each day. I am thankful for weekends when Alan can be with us all day. Today it hit me that I am just pretty much exhausted and need rest. However, resting with this belly is not the easiest thing in the world. We took a nice long walk after the crazy storm we had this weekend. Lola insisted on riding in the new double stroller, even though baby sister has not arrived yet. Excuse the large post 40 week belly in the photo. IMG_2778


One thought on “Stick a fork in me.

  1. Dear Dre,

    What a special family this little baby will be born into! Enjoy these last moments with the three of you. It will never be just like this again! All four of you are in our prayers, and we can’t wait to meet sweet baby.

    So much love,
    John, Lauren, Georgia, and Henry

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