Last night just the three of us.


I am currently sitting at the kitchen table by myself and just finished a bowl of oatmeal. The doctor said you can’t eat past midnight so I figured I best get up to eat right then or I would be struggling in the morning. Our precious family of 3 will be turning to four tomorrow (I guess today) and I am feeling all sorts of emotions. I can’t wait to meet our new little girl; I can’t wait for Lola to meet her; I don’t want to leave Lola for a second of these 3 days I have to be in the hospital; I don’t want a c-section…the list goes on. It’s a strange feeling knowing the date your new little one will enter your family. I still have a few hours to go into labor on my own….yeah I know, extreme wishful thinking…

we laid in the bed this evening reading Lola books and couldn’t believe we would have baby girl number 2 with us very shortly. We are very blessed and pray for a great day ahead. thank you to so many others whom have been sending prayers and kind words also.

Alright I think this is probably why people shouldn’t blog in the middle of the night….everyone else is sleep and I’m beginning to ramble.

Night all.


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