Sweet baby girl.

On August 16th we welcomed our baby girl, Olive Mae, to our family! It has been a little whirlwind adjusting to having two kids while recovering after arriving home from the hospital so I apologize for taking so long to finally post some pictures.

Olive has also been doing great. Her temperament is much like Lola’s was thus far…calm and sweet. She’s a great sleeper too. I actually have had to wake her to feed at night…i think she would already sleep through the night almost if I let her. Now that i’m only waking up to feed her once each night, sleep is better. And because men can’t ¬†breastfeed…well Alan is getting pretty good sleep already.

One of the most exciting and special moments we had was introducing Lola to her new little sister. She came in the room with arms in the air, so excited, and could not wait to see Olive. Honestly, I think it was instant love. For being a 1 year old Lola has been fully aware that a baby was in Mommy’s tummy and has been talking to her and kissed my belly for months now. We told her Friday morning that the doctor was going to help take the baby out and she could meet her new little sister. Shortly after Lola met her in the hospital the nurse came into our room to check on Olive and give her a bath. As soon as Olive started to cry during her checkup Lola jumped up and said “Momma hold her, get her!” She was so concerned and wanted to watch to make sure she was okay. Since being home she has been doing wonderful and been such a big help with bringing me diapers, burp clothes, wipes, etc. She loves acting like a little Mommy.

More pictures of us at home to come…


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