Home with my babies

Things have been going great with the girls since we have returned home from the hospital. I have unfortunately not been recovering as nicely as I did after Lola was born, but I suppose that is expected after baby #2.  Alan stayed home with me for a week and my parents have been spending some time with me and the girls since he’s returned to work. I am very thankful for the help from family and many dinner and food items that friends and family have brought by also.

Olive is sweet as pie. She’s sleeping about 5-6 hour stretches at night which is not too bad and eating good. Lola is doing wonderful with her. She is naturally gentle when she touches her and talks to her which is adorable. We have been able to take walks together, play and have gotten out of the house a little bit. We ventured to a restaurant the other night…our first dinner out with 2 kids~ Olive slept the entire time and Lola was her usual entertaining self! I even managed to get out, without kids, and get a pedicure (thanks to Lauren-you are the best)! Here are a couple photos of some of our time at home this far.


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