Let’s go fly a kite

Our precious Lola turned two this past weekend and we celebrated with what was supposed to be a “picnic at the park.” I planned the party several months ago and wanted it to be small, and by a quaint little spot at our local park. Well as we drove up to the park Saturday we wondered why hundreds of people were also pulling into the park…surely they weren’t all coming to Lola’s party. Nope there was just an enormous festival the same day! Guess it just wasn’t on the calendar when I checked back in June. Ahhhh! So we quickly called everyone and switched the party to our front yard. No biggie, right…

It really didn’t matter, either way, Lola had a great time! She ran around flying her little kite with a few of her friends, played on the slide, ate cake, and opened some presents. It turned out to be perfect kite flying weather also. I handmade the kids kites following these directions. They are super easy and flew pretty good with a little wind. I also have to share the cake I made because it has got to be one of the best I have ever tasted, for real! It is Martha’s Chocolate Flecked Cake and was unbelievable.

Can’t believe my baby girl is two. Happy Birthday sweet Lola.


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