Some more Fall fun

My favorite weekends are the ones where we start out with no plans at all. This weekend had absolutely perfect fall weather.

Friday night we went to the local high school football game (our neighbor plays) and Lola loves him! So she had a ball watching him, the cheerleaders, and the band play! Saturday, one of our favorite spots to get a treat, Sweetly Smitten, celebrated their one year anniversary with a fun Fall event for customers and kids. We enjoyed lots of gelato and cupcakes!  Sunday we played outside and worked on decorating some pumpkins. Lola got sticker happy and Olive laid on the blanket just smiling non-stop. She has become such a smily, giggly little baby!

I also made this Chili recipe yesterday! Its a delicious one if you are looking 🙂 And just had to throw in a few pictures of Lola helping me grocery shop because they’re just so darn cute.


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