Santa Claus 2013

We finally made it to see Santa Claus. For weeks now Lola has been insisting that Santa is NOT coming to our house because she is a bit scared of him. She has slowly been warming up as we talk about him more. We took her to Legendary Santa, which is who I saw every Christmas growing up…and well, I cannot bare to take my children anywhere else. After all, he is the “real” Santa Claus.

To our surprise Lola was very willing to talk to Santa. She stood in front of him and said, “Hi Santa, Merry Christmas!” My heart melted. Then Santa grabbed her hand to hold…and she lost it! haha…she was not okay with that! Now you understand why I ended up having to take the picture with them. Lola was holding on to me for dear life after that. Now my little Olive…she made the saddest pout in the world when I put her in his lap, then just starred at all the googly people holding  cameras and stuffed animals trying to make the kids smile. So overall she did a great job! Santa then asked Lola (in a microphone so all could hear) what she wanted for Christmas. She replied with a quick voice, “Minnie, Mickey, Donald Duck!” haha I don’t know why but thats what came out. Very sweet.

Alan and I had so much fun with them and can’t wait for Christmas morning. Im not quite sure she gets that Santa is actually bringing her gifts. But she has been practicing singing Happy Birthday Jesus for weeks now…makes me smile 🙂

You can see the past two years here and here.


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