Snow day…I mean week

Being a teacher certainly has its perks…snow days being one of them! I was home with the girls for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week. And I would of been home the rest of the week but darn it they made teachers return to work while the students stayed home. Unfortunately the temperature around here has been well below freezing which meant we only played outside for a short bit. Lola enjoyed sledding…but making snow angels and running around like a crazy girl in the snow seemed to be her favorite. Olive was not quite sure what was going on, but she sure was cute in her bear suit.

Unfortunately Alan was sick most of the week, but it did mean he got to work from the house. Lola made sure to give him many check-ups each day with her doctor kit.

So now the snow is starting to melt, Alan is all better, and we are headed back to work tomorrow, on a normal schedule. Looking forward to some more flurries in the forecast this week 🙂


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