Home with the girls

I am going on day 6 of being home with Lola and Olive. We were out at the end of last week for snow days. And unfortunately now Im home because Lola has been running a high fever for 3 days. I will say this morning it finally looks like the fever might of broke. So, sad to be going back to work, but very glad she’s feeling better.

Either way we have had LOTS of play and snuggle time. Alan and Lola made it out during the snow to make a snow man, which is one of her favorite things to do! Olive and I watched through the window. And then just a day or two later the sun came out and we were able to take a walk. Other than that we have been cooking and baking lots to help pass the time. Lola’s a great helper/mess creator. And Olive just enjoys doing anything with anyone- especially Lola!

Hope y’all are having a good week so far.


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