Happy Father’s Day

I had an idea to go on a little fishing outing for Father’s Day this year for Alan and my Dad. The weather was beautiful so we headed out to the pond in hopes of Lola catching her first fish.

Olive mostly played on the blanket, enjoying the shade. Lola was pretty good at casting, but mostly enjoyed rearranging her tackle box, or watching the worms. As a little girl ALL I wanted to do was play with the tackle box. Everytime I was on the boat with my Dad I organized my tackle box most of the time. And Lola has that very same tackle box for herself now. Sweet to watch her do the same.

After about an hour and a half with no luck we packed up the car to get ready for dinner. Lola cast one last time, and wouldn’t you know she got a big bite! We all jumped, screamed, and cheered with her. She was squealing with excitement, and immediately said, “I wanna catch another one!” Looks like there will be more fishing in our near future. 🙂

Such a great day with two amazing Father’s!


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